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What We Do

Business leaders and communicators partner with People & Transformation to enable change related to shifts in strategy, transactions, restructurings, compliance updates, evolving ways of working and other mission-critical initiatives. In each of these scenarios, the ability to create value and unlock opportunity requires companies to align organizational structures, governance and operating models with the necessary culture shifts, leadership behaviors and talent development strategies in place. People & Transformation draws on decades of experience across industries and in every major geographic market to assess gaps between the current and future state, analyze stakeholder impacts and use these inputs to develop successful and sustainable transformation programs. 

Example Projects: 

Change Management: Our clients look to us for expert guidance on transitioning from their current state to a new reality – and that’s never been more important than in our post-pandemic world where everything about how (and where) employees work and interact with customers is evolving. We perform organizational assessments, enable leaders and sponsors, establish a shared vision of success, support training and communicate in ways that build a sense of momentum and accomplishment over time.  

Communications and Engagement: From awareness to action: the right story delivered to the right people in the right way at the right time delivers commitment, performance and effectiveness. We design and implement internal communication campaigns that foster loyalty and enthusiasm to underpin and drive business initiatives. 

Corporate Transactions: We help clients align their people to accelerate the return on the investment made in any transaction – whether that’s helping them integrate teams and processes following a merger, build new systems and support services following a carve-out or embrace new ways of working in advance of going public. 

Organizational Culture: Whether the goal is to be more inclusive, better respond to customer preferences, maintain compliance, aid retention or otherwise optimize performance, evolving corporate culture requires a deep understanding of existing programs and policies as well as the unwritten rules and norms that define day-to-day experiences. We help clients build this understanding, design programs that align teams around a shared purpose and values, and differentiate the employee value proposition to improve retention and engagement. 

Restructuring: We provide strategic communications, change management and workforce services to companies, boards of directors, lenders, creditors and buyers as they prepare for, execute, and emerge from financial and organizational restructurings, which may include court-supervised bankruptcies, refinancing transactions negotiated directly with lenders, headcount reductions or other strategic initiatives.  


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What You Will Do

As a People & Transformation intern or Consultant, you will play an active role on our team and gain exposure to the practice’s suite of offerings – including but not limited to: organizational effectiveness (e.g., defining culture, engaging around vision and values, communicating strategy), communications and engagement, change management and multi-stakeholder transformations such as merger integrations, carve outs, restructurings, performance improvement initiativesleadership transitions, etcThis role will present you with an opportunity to work on a variety of projects and deliverables. Tasks can include: Conducting research and analysis for existing and prospective clientsmonitoring media and industry trends and developing first drafts of communications materials (including stakeholder emails, FAQs, press releases, presentations, announcement timelines and more) 

What We Offer You

This role provides the unique opportunity to work with and learn from teammates from a range of backgrounds and with a breadth of specialty expertise. With an emphasis on a collaborative team approach, we all learn from each other as we share diverse perspectives and ways of working to best meet client challenges and continue to grow the firm. 

FTI Strategic Communications interns and consultants are an immediate member of the team and are viewed as key players in our ability to service clients. Upon starting, you will participate in a training program, which includes an introduction to FTI’s business offerings, as well as more functional trainings on the databases and processes we utilize to service clients each day. Our training program is designed to introduce entry-level candidates to the inner workings of an international communications firm and to help develop essential written and oral communication skills required for this industry. We also utilize in-house and third-party learning platforms to offer ongoing training sessions to ensure that you continue to build on your analytical, writing and management skills as you continue to grow at FTI. 

FTI prides itself on teaching, growing and building talent internally and is repeatedly recognized as a Top Place to Work in PR, in part because we take the time to understand individual career goals, train you to achieve them and provide opportunities to do so.

Given how we staff accounts, we also offer early and direct exposure to a wide array of senior level leadership and clients, opportunities to work across the business and flexible work schedules. 

“The People & Transformation team is based in New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Houston – but we proudly deliver unmatched breadth and depth of expertise across our worldwide network. We often collaborate with engagement teams across North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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