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What We Do

Our Financial Communications practice is recognized as a leader in investor relations (“IR”) advisory, Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) advisory, activism defense, and mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”). We help public and private companies navigate the U.S. capital markets, engage the investment community through critical moments of change, deliver a compelling and credible equity story, and ultimately maximize their valuation. Our strengths in each area are complimented by deep industry experience and expertise.

Our Offerings:

Capital Markets & Investor Relations: We partner with management teams and Investor Relations Officers to develop fully integrated strategies – informed by quantitative analysis and qualitative assessments of market trends – for investment community engagement and outreach. Some of our sample work includes creating bespoke plans to drive shareholder base expansion and improvement, developing materials and supporting preparation for quarterly earnings results, conducting primary research to evaluate investment community sentiment and perception, and supporting the execution of large-scale capital markets events.

ESG & Sustainability Advisory: We provide extensive support to companies and advisors navigating today’s evolving, and rapidly shifting, ESG-driven demands. From materiality assessments and sustainability reporting, to net zero strategies, supply chain audits, and ESG-related internal investigations, we guide clients through their ESG journey to support a more sustainable and inclusive future for organizations and the world more broadly.

M&A and Activism Defense: We advise clients across every stage of the deal lifecycle to enhance the certainty of a successful close. Our team supports the entire transaction process, from pre-announcement planning to transaction announcement and post-merger integration, including drafting all communications materials, creating a rollout plan, developing a leak strategy, and managing media engagement. Our team of activism defense and corporate governance experts advise clients across all aspects of activist shareholder engagement and complex governance issues, helping them navigate all aspects of any contested situation.

What You Will Do

Financial Communications interns and consultants play an active role on our team, supporting a number of accounts and clients on a daytoday basis. Tasks can range from monitoring client peers and industry trends, developing first drafts of key corporate and earnings announcements, conducting market research and pulling relevant background information for new client targets, research projects and activism preparedness. 

What We Offer You

You will collaborate with team members who bring diverse backgrounds across the buy- and sell-side, investment banking, research, and investor relations, gain broad exposure to public companies across a number of market sectors, and develop strong efficiency and time management skills as you navigate multiple client deadlines and engage with different teams.

FTI Strategic Communications interns and consultants are an immediate member of the team and are viewed as key players in our ability to service clients. Upon starting, you will participate in a training program, which includes an introduction to FTI’s business offerings, as well as more functional trainings on the databases and processes that underpin our work. Our training program is designed to introduce entry-level candidates to the inner workings of an international communications firm and to help develop essential written and oral communication skills required to become an effective consultant. We also utilize in-house and third-party learning platforms to offer ongoing training sessions to ensure that you continue to build on your analytical, writing, and management skills as you continue to grow at FTI.

FTI prides itself on teaching, growing, and building talent internally and is repeatedly recognized as an employer of choice for entry-level professionals, in part because we take the time to understand individual career goals, train you to achieve them, and provide opportunities to do so.

Given how we staff accounts, we also offer early and direct exposure to a wide array of senior level leadership and clients, opportunities to work across the business, and flexible work schedules.

The Financial Communications team is based in New York City, D.C., and Chicago, but we proudly deliver unmatched breadth and depth of expertise across our worldwide network. We often collaborate with engagement teams across North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East & Africa.

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