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Environmental Solutions

What We Do

The Environment Solutions team offers a comprehensive suite of services aimed at helping organizations deal with a specific environmental issue or programmatic challenges. Their services focus on the resolution of complex contamination, toxic tort, product liability and insurance disputes.

Example Projects

Environmental Solutions practitioners work on multi-disciplinary teams to solve problems relating to responsibility determination, allocation of damages, and dispute resolution for environmental cleanup. Project areas can include environmental statutes and regulations (with an emphasis on CERCLA and the National Contingency Plan), investigation and remediation of urban rivers and waterways, environmental forensics, and cost allocation analysis for sites involving multiple potentially responsible parties.

What You Will Do

An Environment Solutions Consultant plays an active role on a project team, supporting both coworkers and clients on a day-to-day basis.  Tasks can range from researching and analyzing a broad range of topics, using primary and secondary source materials; providing research summaries, reports, and figures , working with a broad range of software programs and file formats;  executing searches on public and private document collections in order to locate relevant information; indexing materials for use by project teams and clients; and navigating geospatial software and preparing data for integration and display.

What We Offer You

Our interns and consultants play an important role throughout each of our projects, collaborating with team members on project design, performing research and analysis, and developing insights and conclusions.  You’ll gain key experience with such areas as site investigation and characterization for contaminated sediment sites, and litigation support on matters relating to cost allocation for environmental cleanup or restoration actions.  The Environmental Solutions team is based within the Forensic and Litigation Consulting practice and has teams in Bethesda, MD and Wayne, PA.

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