What we do

The Software Solutions team delivers strategic web-based solutions for clients requiring in-depth analysis of large, disparate sets of financial, operational and transactional data.

Our team of experienced developers and engineers build web-based solutions designed to meet our Client’s specific requirements that off-the-shelf products cannot otherwise fulfill. Implementations leverage bespoke development and existing tools to create a seamless and customized experience and integration with client systems. Our professionals use the latest cutting-edge platforms, coding languages and tools that provide unparalleled performance and capabilities in supporting clients in extracting value from mission critical data sources and simplifying data interaction.

Example Solutions:

Loan Workout Automation Solution

A national bank engaged FTI to provide loan workout advisory services and a software solution to automate and track the end-to-end workout and reporting process. Data & Analytics Software Solutions implemented and automated a solution to interface directly with Credit Administrator systems, FTI workout advisors, third party advisors and lenders and custom workflows were designed to match the precise process flows required for workout advisory. Application integration was developed to automate data transfer from the Credit Administrator system to the FTI Platform.

Technologies Used: Angular, NestJS, Laravel, MySQL, AWS (S3, ECS, ALB, Redis, RDS, SES)

Third Party Risk Management

A global energy company required their supplier base of approximately 80,000 to be processed and screened for AML, anti-bribery and other purposes on an annual basis. Data & Analytics Software Solutions created a custom solution for the client that prioritizes higher risk suppliers, allowing scarce compliance resources to be concentrated where they are most needed. In addition to being dynamic, customizable and secure, FTI’s solution provides the client with a number of important features:

  • Cloud-based for the scalability to research thousands of vendors across multiple regions with different data privacy regulations
  • Continuous third-party monitoring against global risk intelligence databases including registry data and regulatory watch lists, PEP, sanction and media coverage
  • Integration with search engines and multiple databases for greater global information collection and investigative coverage
  • Automated key workflow modules and due diligence procedures to maximize use of scarce compliance resources
  • A monitoring dashboard including due diligence KPIs, graphics and reminders

Technologies Used: AngularJS, Laravel, MySQL, AWS (S3, ECS, ALB, ElastiCache, CloudWatch)

Financial and Operational Systems Development and Enhancement

As part of the Global Sales realignment for a global hospitality company, the company began to centralize and rationalize the 30+ Sales Incentive Plans across 100+ countries in order to provide consistency and transparency into a primary motivating factor for our sales team.  To be effective the plans needed to be tied to corporate goals, easy to understand, measurable and allow for accountability all of which the current plans did not have as most goals and tracking were on Excel sheets. Data & Analytics Software Solutions developed a fully customized web-based application that enabled the corporate sales team to track their salesperson goal setting and payouts for over 4,000 salespeople across 750+ hotels in 125+ countries. Data & Analytics Software Solutions continues to build upon the custom platform to meet their changing sales landscape.

Technologies Used: AngularJS, React, Laravel, MySQL, AWS (S3, ECS, EC2, ALB, Redis, SES)

Retailer Background Screening Automation

One of the largest US retailers engaged FTI to modernize an inconsistently applied criminal background screening process to meet the rigorous EEOC anti-discrimination policy. Data & Analytics Software Solutions developed an automated solution and fully integrated with the client’s internal and external background check processes. FTI guided the client, external client counsel, a screening vendor, and an outside criminologist through a complex design and implementation process to meet both the client and EEOC requirements. Modern software solutions, data modeling techniques and cloud technology were leveraged to achieve a lightweight yet powerful solution that can scale to meet both high and low availability.

Technologies Used: Django, Flask, NestJS, MySQL, AWS (S3, ECS, ALB, Redis, RDS, SES, CloudWatch)

What You Will Do

A Software Solutions Developer at the Intern, undergrad or MS level is responsible for day-to-day activities of a project including interaction with other team members, professionals from other firms involved in the engagement, and client personnel.

As a member of our software development team, you’ll develop in-depth knowledge of your clients’ objectives and challenges in order to design and implement innovative strategies using software to assist them through their current difficulties and prepare them for the future.

  • Participate in the entire SDLC, from concept to completion.
  • Design, develop and implement client client-centric web applications and software solutions.
  • Contribute to software projects and collaborate daily with fellow software engineers, managers and stakeholders.
  • Design new tools to improve processes.
  • Attend and present on internal brown bag sessions and lunch & learns.
  • Participant best practices and share knowledge internally.

What we offer you

Our interns and developers play an important role throughout each of our projects, collaborating with team members on project design, developing well-architected code throughout all aspects of web applications, and code quality assurance.

The smaller makeup of our engagement teams offers exposure to executive-level stakeholders, and you will not be tied to any one specific industry vertical or project type. In short, you will have the opportunity to experience and work on a wide range of projects early in your career.
The Data & Analytics Software Solutions practice is based within the Forensic and Litigation Consulting segment and has domestic teams in New York and international teams in London and Germany.

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