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Construction, Projects & Assets

What We Do

The Construction, Projects & Assets group operates in the Forensic and Litigation Consulting segment of FTI Consulting.  The Construction, Projects & Assets group works with owners, contractors, and third-party stakeholders of construction projects to assist in the planning, execution, and/or closeout of various construction practices.  Engagements often call upon FTI Consulting to provide expert opinions on construction issues for ongoing projects as well as litigation.  This group is an international practice, with both offices and current engagements around the world.

Example Projects

  • Provided expert services for Mega-Project Dispute where a project owner accused the engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) contractor of completely failing to manage every aspect of a multi-billion dollar project. FTI provided expert testimony in dispute proceedings along with an assessment of every facet of the EPCM’s performance on the project.
  • Developed expert reports showing an assessment of damages related to a transportation terminal and office building project where the steel fabricator and erection subcontractor on the project inflated costs. Due to our expert analysis and testimony we were able to reduce the claim by nearly 60%.
  • Counsel for the construction contractor on one of the largest and most complex infrastructure projects ever undertaken in Canada retained FTI Consulting to quantify and analyze delays and disruptions experienced. Following years of litigation and the submission of our expert report, the complex dispute was resolved via mediation between the parties.

What You Will Do

A Construction, Projects & Assets intern or consultant plays an active role on a project team, supporting the wider engagement team and the client on a day to day basis.  You will help organize information to facilitate effective data access and analysis.  Maintain detailed work paper records of reflecting assumptions, methodologies, and sources of information.  You will also help prepare written analyses, reports, presentations and quantitative exhibits for third parties to provide an update and/or present findings.

What We Offer You

Our interns and consultants are an integral part of our practice’s success.  As a new hire, you will become a member of a project team affording you the opportunity to work closely with other FTI Consulting professionals to meet our client’s needs.
The Construction, Projects & Assets team is based within the Forensic and Litigation Consulting practice and has teams in Atlanta, Bethesda, Houston, New York, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Toronto & Montreal.

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