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What We Do

The Telecom, Media and Technology (“TMT”) Dispute Advisory team is focused on working alongside corporate clients and outside counsel to offer expert opinions on complex issues central to a dispute, including engineering, operations, regulation, and financial performance. Our group is active across the full spectrum of TMT industries and across all dispute venues (federal, state and bankruptcy courts, domestic and international arbitrations, and government agencies).

Example Projects

  • Private Arbitration: Filed a detailed expert report with an assessment of long-haul fiber networks, the impact of evolving technologies on network demand, and importance of unique corridors in a leasing dispute for long-haul rights-of-way.
  • Government Action: Evaluated claims that major telecom provider did not deliver promised and advertised broadband internet speeds using data analytics spanning hundreds of millions of billing, inventory, and service records with a consideration of geography, time, service tier and equipment upgrades.
  • Contract Dispute: Calculated damages owed as a result of fraud and access arbitrage from traffic stimulation through traffic diagnostics, geolocation tracing, equipment inspections and detailed analytics on millions of calling records in a case asserting violation of the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).
  • Class Action Litigation: Retained by one of the largest Inmate Calling Services providers to address class certification requirements, liability, and potential damages in a case asserting supra-competitive returns resulting from captive consumers in violation of federal regulations.

What You Will Do

A Dispute Advisory intern or consultant at the undergrad or MBA level plays an active role on a project team, working with the wider engagement team and the client on a day to day basis.  Tasks can range from conducting and delivering accounting, economic, financial, geospatial, and statistical analysis to performing research and drafting arguments for expert reports. Data analysis, visualization and storytelling will likely be common themes in your day to day work.  In addition to day to day tasks you will be identifying and pursuing potential business development opportunities and engaging in thought leadership projects.  Our interns and consultants are staffed on matters in the same way as the rest of our team.  The role typically involves little travel, although some travel may be needed from time to time.

What We Offer You

TMT Dispute Advisory interns and consultants are staffed in the same way as the rest of our team.  Everyone on our team plays an important role, collaborating with team members on case strategy, performing research and data analysis and developing insights and conclusions. No two engagements will be the same as each dispute brings its own nuances and distinct challenges.  The smaller makeup of our engagement teams provides exposure to executive-level stakeholders, and the breadth of our expertise ensures that you will not be tied to any one specific industry vertical or project type. The nature of our work requires individuals that enjoy challenging themselves across a wide range of skills, from learning new technical and engineering concepts, performing detailed analytics, and spending time reading, researching, writing and presenting.
The Dispute Advisory team is based within the Corporate Finance practice and is primarily based in Mclean, Virginia.

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