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What We Do

The Global Insurance Services Practice (GIS) is a team of over 200 experienced insurance professionals supported by a global network of over 7,700 colleagues. We have first-hand insurance industry knowledge, combined with operational, technical and executional capability.

Our aim is to grow an insurance focused management consulting and actuarial practice in EMEA by focusing on the current and emerging needs of our clients. These clients turn to us for help with a wide variety of complex problems, including – providing expert testimony in claim and reinsurance disputes, providing guidance in the field of Analytics/Data, Strategy, Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital, Financial and Risk Management. We advise both household names and specialist insurers in both general and life insurance across the region.

The Global Insurance Services Practice has a number of service lines including:


The actuarial area of the practice offers a wide range of services in the actuarial field, including (but not limited to):

  • Pricing & reserve calculations – Helping insurers charge the correct premiums for their products (e.g. car insurance) to reflect the risks they are taking; and ensuring they hold an appropriate amount of financial resources to both comply with regulation and give comfort to policyholders that their claims will be paid.
  • Capital & reinsurance modelling – Looking at all (financial and non-financial) risks faced by an insurer to calculate the amount of additional financial backing needed to cover the volatility of these risks. This involves carrying out modelling of different scenarios to ensure the amount of resources held is sufficient under different environments that the company may find itself in, in the future.
  • Liability estimation – Using actuarial techniques to calculate the amount a company should hold on its balance sheet so the claims of policyholders can be paid as they become due. We offer services to both the life and general insurance areas of the actuarial profession.

Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Claims Consulting (LDRCC)

The Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Claims Consulting area of the practice offers a wide range of services related to the mitigation and resolution of insurance coverage disputes, for general insurance areas. Types of claims analysed include both commercial and personal lines such as: Property & Casualty, Construction, Professional Indemnity, D&O, General Liability, Accident & Health, Workers´ Compensation, Medical Malpractice, Marine, Aviation, Cyber, Motor, Home, Pet and Travel.

We aim to give the successful candidates exposure across the sector and train those individuals to become insurance experts. The primary work a graduate will be involved with includes (but is not limited to):

  • Litigation & Dispute Resolution – Defending international insurers against large complex claims. Generally, the claims are presented by multi-national corporations. The analysis relates to the evaluation of the insurance coverage, quantification of the potential loss, and application of relevant legal precedences and development of appropriate defences and technical insurance arguments in conjunction with external or internal counsel.
  • Forensic Analysis – Review of large volumes of data to identify trends and anomalies to assist in the forecasting of liability. Forensic work also relates to the analysis of financial transactions to determine if premium and commissions were calculated and reinsurance ceded appropriately.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions due diligence – Analysing a potential sale or purchase of an insurer or liabilities from a corporate entity from a commercial, strategic, financial and/or accounting and operational standpoint.
  • Liability estimation – Using statistical and quantification techniques to quantify potential liability an insurer or reinsurer may face to support litigation, settlements, reserving and business operations.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

The Insurance M&A and strategic advisory team provides insurers, private equities and other insurance investors a variety of M&A and strategic services including strategic reviews, advisory on acquisitions, divestments, leveraged buy-outs, carve outs and capital raisings.  The team focuses on transactions in Europe and works with some of the most active investors in the insurance sector. The M&A team plans to grow significantly over the coming years and are looking for top talent with an impressive academic and professional background to join our expanding Insurance practice.

Advanced, Analytical, Digital and Data (AADD)

The AADD function is a rapidly growing part of the GIS function. Our main purpose is to help insurers leverage data and analytical technology to maximise business value by using value-optimising state of the art techniques. We operate in both life and general insurance spaces.  As an integral part of the AADD team, we are looking for graduates in this space to develop into high quality data/analytics professionals having in-depth knowledge of insurers’ operations and commercial objectives.

The AADD function has the following service offerings:

  • Pricing and Portfolio Analytics – Traditional, technical advisory services
  • Machine Learning Technology & Ecosystem – Advisory services on the latest pricing capabilities in the market
  • Data/Analytics as a service – High volume, low price transaction service
  • Future State Artificial Intelligence and Alternative Solutions – Experimental applications of AI/ML and other closed form techniques
  • Analytics/Data/Underwriting Strategy and Transformation – Tailored advisory services to our clients to meet specific needs that fall outside the previous four offerings

We aim to give the successful candidate exposure to a variety of fields and thus a wide variety of experience in the very varied elements of work carried out by actuaries.

What You Will Do

As a graduate in the GIS team, you will work on multiple projects in a wide variety of fields, gaining a large set of skills applicable to many different industries.


The role will be focused on people in the actuarial space, working on capital modelling, regulatory and financial reporting and due diligence, whilst also lending these skills to solving commercial challenges faces by the larger insurance firms in the UK.

You will gain experience in working with top software that is used in many actuarial firms across the industry.

Some of your day-to-day tasks may include:

  • Aid in the delivery of core insurance/actuarial risk management projects – exceeding client expectations by demonstrating strong problem-solving skills to addressing project needs
  • Learning how to manage complex models, data sets and/or research – encompassing a wide range of different regulations (e.g. Solvency II)
  • Working effectively with a diverse workforce of colleagues and client staff
  • Performing analytical work both individually and in wider teams
  • Developing the understanding of technical issues and applying them in the wider commercial context
  • Performing data checks on work done by colleagues to ensure a quality final product
  • Developing an understanding of insurance business strategy and the components that underpin high performance
  • Assist team members in targeting future clients, producing marketing material and collating case study information and ensuring internal reporting metrics are efficiently collated and presented

Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Claims Consulting

The role will be focused on insurance and reinsurance dispute mitigation and resolution in the general insurance area, working alongside insurance and reinsurance technical accounting experts, actuaries, risk & governance specialists, and business transformation experts.

Mergers & Acquisitions

You will be actively involved in transaction-oriented work for our clients, working closely with senior members of the team as well as directly with clients. The team is led by a group of highly experienced and diverse set of individuals from investment banks, strategy houses, Big 4, corporate and legal backgrounds, who have significant relationships with leading clients across the insurance sector. In addition, you will analyse financial statements,  general economic conditions, industry-specific conditions and developments, acquisitions, divestitures, and various investment attributes of publicly traded and private securities.

What We Offer You

As a graduate in the GIS team, you will work on multiple projects in a wide variety of fields, gaining a large set of skills applicable to many different industries.

  • You will receive full study support for undertaking professional qualifications and exams
  • You will be assigned a coach who will be a member of the senior staff in GIS and will guide you through your career progression and work with you to ensure you get the experience you seek at FTI

How to apply


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Round 3 – Assessment Centre/Interviews

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Amelia Dodd

Consultant, Global Insurance Services

Since starting at FTI Consulting on the Global Insurance (GIS) graduate scheme, I have been able to work alongside industry leading figures and have had the opportunity to learn from the best in the business. From a very early stage, I’ve been given responsibility and have had good exposure to clients; I’ve even had the chance to visit a client in the Middle East!

I was given the opportunity to work on a large motor insurance pricing project, which allowed me to apply what I learnt in my degree whilst gaining new knowledge and skills. In GIS, we have a very open culture. Everyone on the team is approachable which made me feel welcomed from the get-go. I’ve received great support throughout my graduate scheme, and everyone truly has your best interests at heart. Team bonding is an important part of our ethos, and our monthly socials are something which I thoroughly enjoy because it allows you to build stronger connections with colleagues.

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